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Rev Karen Hilsden


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Mega Fun at Mossley's Musical Holiday Club

During the Easter holidays over 30 children enjoyed a week of fun and games at 
Mossley Methodist Church’s MegaQuest Holiday Club organised by members of 
the Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit. 

During the week the children entered various levels of an imaginary computer game, 
having fun through games, craft and drama and finding out about 
the overarching story of the Bible – or God’s BIG plan for the world.

Special guests included the puppets, Larry and Barbara as well as drama characters 

Super Harrio, Flora Cruft, Cronic, LogOff, DumDum and the mysterious Programmer.

On the Thursday, family members were invited to stay at the end of the session for a party tea.

In addition everyone learnt, recorded and performed seven new songs 
with Andy Silver from PopUK. 

Five of the songs were about key Christian values including truth, patience and hope; 
the other two were about the Easter story. 

The final session on the Friday was followed by an evening concert at which the children performed the seven songs. All of the audience agreed that this was the best Friday night entertainment on offer in the whole of Greater Manchester! Afterwards the families were given access to the online code to download their own copy of the recorded album.

Parents commented on how keen their children were to get to the club each day.
The children's comments included:

‘I loved the songs, the games and the puppets.’

‘My favourite song was “It’s over to you!”’

‘I enjoyed the crafts especially the scratch art.’

Rev’d Julie Coates recorded thanks to all of the volunteers from the Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit who freely gave of their time to make the week a success. She said, 
‘It was great to work in partnership with PopUK in this exciting project and to give the children 
the chance to take part in something that they really enjoyed and valued.’

This initiative was assisted with funding from Mossley Town Council.




Mossley Methodist Church began the 
Holy Habits
programme at Pentecost 2018. 
It will be a two year opportunity to deepen our discipleship by forming and/or developing habits that will help to bring us as individuals, and as a church community, closer to God. 

These ten particular habits are inspired by the description of the early Church in 
Acts 2:42-47

All ten of the habits are interrelated and each one of them will take us on an adventure as we seek to intentionally deepen our faith and serve God in our daily lives. Although we will be exploring them one at a time, we will always be building on previous learning and discovering ways in which they overlap. 

Holy Habits are for everyone - young and old - at whatever stage of the Christian journey we currently find ourselves. Like the original disciples we are called to devote ourselves to these practices - this is not a quick fix - but it is something that we can integrate into our existing activities. 



To find out more about the ways Mossley are developing Holy Habits click here

Holy Habits was developed by Rev Andrew Roberts, a Methodist Minister and specialist is Discipleship 
within the Methodist Church's Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network.
To find out more about Holy Habits click here





Mossley Methodist Church 3rd - 7th April 2017

Fifty seven local children had a great week of fun and games at the ‘Go M.A.D!’ (Make A Difference) holiday club! The week was  full of crafts, drama, music, puppets, puzzles, quizzes, games and Bible stories.

Each day there was an episode of a drama play starring Doctor Phew and his assistant Hannah – complete with their Tardis. The Tardis also doubled as a puppet theatre so that the children could catch up with the daily adventures of Larry and Barbara.

The children spent time every day learning about some of the Biblical characters who did unusual things much to the amazement of those around them. Inspired by these stories, and contemporary examples from Christian Aid, each child recorded a statement declaring what they would like to do to Make A Difference in our world today.

When asked what they liked best about Go M.A.D! one of the children said,
I loved the crafts at the start’, others stated ‘I liked the games’ and one addedI loved all of it!'

Parents commented on how their children couldn’t stop talking about the club when they got home. One said: ‘My children both really enjoyed it this week. Thank you. It has exceeded our expectations.’

Thanks go to all of the volunteers from the Ashton-under-Lyne Methodist Circuit who freely gave of their time to make the week a success.

Rev’d Julie Coates
Superintendent Minister



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